Environmental Impact and Carbon Audit

We're embarking upon an environmental journey!

During the 2009 season we're taking detailed measurements and making scientific calculations on every aspect of our operations.

This obviously includes calculating our Carbon Footprint (based upon things like fuel used, gas, even the amount of stern grease) and making an assessment of the carbon used to build, fit and maintain our boats.  We're even looking at the paint we use, and how many bow fenders we get through!  More importantly, this feeds into our overall aim of assessing our impact upon the environment.

We believe boating to be one of the most environmentally friendly ways of enjoying an extended holiday, but for this to be proven, we need the evidence.  Trouble is, how much do we include?  Do we weigh the fact that a customer has chosen not to fly away to distant climes this year?  Do we also count our overseas customers, and their carbon use during their flight getting here?

Many questions, many calculations...

Watch this space :-)

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